Break Away Unit Product Notice

The CAMEC Breakaway Unit (PN 040119) is a safety device, designed only to be activated in case of emergency, where the caravan / trailer becomes inadvertently detached from the vehicle. 

DO NOT activate the device deliberately by pulling the pin out to act as an electronic break. Doing so can drain the battery meaning it may not work when needed.

During normal use, the charging switch MUST be in the Off position. This will prevent the unit from being over charged and disconnect the unit from the Caravan’s main battery and the car’s alternator. This prevents over charging and prevents the brakes from being applied for an excessive amount of time.

Overcharging or applying the brakes for an excessive amount of time, by means of connecting the unit to an external power source such as the caravans’ battery, can cause heat build up, which may result in a fire.

Before each trip, test the unit by pressing the green test switch. If the red recharge light, illuminates, the charge switch should be changed to Battery Charger or Car Alternator. Make sure to the turn the Charging switch back to Off after no more than 5 hours, to prevent over charging.