How paint can transform your caravan

If you’ve ever changed the colour of your home, you know what a huge difference a lick of paint can do. A fresh coat here, an updated trim there, and all of a sudden, you have a brand-new house. With the right colours, your home can be a reflection of your tastes, and match seamlessly with your décor. The same is true for your caravan. Whether you’ve bought a van brand new and you’re not completely in love with the finish, or you’ve had it for a few decades and you’ve realised mission brown isn’t in fashion anymore, the right paint can transform your caravan into a place you’re happy to call your home away from home.

  • Update the Interior
    Depending on the weather, you may spend a lot of time inside your caravan on your holidays, so you want it to look good. Even if you spend your days exploring and only see the inside of your van briefly before your head hits the pillow, you still want to love the space you’re spending time in. Thankfully, given the size of a caravan compared to an entire home or even a single room, they are far quicker and easier to re-decorate. You may choose to paint the interior walls a fresh new colour, or for a quicker fix, you could paint the cabinetry. Because it is a small space, we recommend choose neutral tones – that way you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Paint the Exterior
    If you’re happy with the interior, but you’re still looking for a change, then the exterior could be a great place to start. You can have a lot of fun painting the outside of your van – choose a single colour, add stripes, personalise it by naming the caravan, the options are endless. You can experiment with bright colours a bit more here as well, as you won’t feel cramped by bold colours like you would inside your RV.
  • Choose your Colours
    In our opinion, one of the best parts of any renovation, from your home to your van, is choosing the colour scheme. Our favourite distributers stock a range of colours that are sure to tickle your fancy, and they are available across the country! Some of the most popular aluminium paints include onyx white and crystal silver, though there are a huge range of shades and tones available, so you can create whatever finish and style you want!

Updating your van can be heaps of fun. Whether you choose to simply add new curtains and change the bedspread, or you do a complete overhaul and paint the whole caravan, inside and out, it will feel like a new space. Visit your local paint store for expert advice on the right paint for the job, or contact our team for a list of stockists across the country.