Get your own caravan washing machine

Whether you’re going away for a weekend or a year, you always seem to pack more clothes than necessary – taking up valuable luggage space that could be instead used for souvenirs! It isn’t hard to see why we pack so many clothes however, when the alternative is visiting a coin laundry or using the caravan park washing machines. No one likes waiting around for their laundry to finish cycling, and you definitely don’t want your clothing to end up on the floor if you duck out for a minute and your cycle ends. Let’s be honest, it’s no fun carrying around countless gold coins either. But at Camec, we have a solution – in the form of your very own caravan washing machine! With a huge variety on the market at the moment, we thought we’d let you know a bit about your different options.

  • Portable washing machines
    Portable models are ideal if you don’t have the space – or budget – to install a washing machine permanently into your van. With options available between 1.5kg and 5kg, they can be a good choice for the whole family. Whilst it will use less water than your automatic models, they do require a bit more effort on your part. You generally have to move the load half way through the cycle to the spin tub, you have to hand fill them the machine, and they rely on gravity in order to empty.
  • Manual Machines
    If you thought a portable model expected a lot from you, wait till you use a manual machine! Similar to a salad spinner, you have to crank the handle in order to spin the water through your clothes. However, they are often smaller than 35cm², and they use two loads of water oraround 10 litres. You’ll only need to agitate the load for around five minutes, and the use zero electricity – ideal if you’re going off road.
  • Caravan Washing Machine
    These models aren’t just used in your van – they are physically installed into it as well. Usually carrying between 2.5 and 4kg, these machines are great for the whole family. Generally all sitting well under a metre, they can easily be installed under a benchtop in the place of some shelving or cupboards, as long as you don’t mind giving up a bit of storage. We’ve found they make great dirty laundry hampers though, so maybe you aren’t losing as much storage as you thought. In addition to the superior clean, you’re also offered much more flexibility in your washing cycles, letting you use as much power or time as you deem necessary for each load.

If you’re sick of scrimping your $1 coins just to keep your clothes clean, then it may be time to invest in a caravan washing machine. Depending on your needs and budget, there are plenty of options available – from a manual washer right through to a machine that gets installed into your van.