Towing Courses and Training

Towing your caravan can be a difficult task, even for the seasoned professional. If you’re just starting out, it may be wise to spend some time completing a towing course or undertaking a training session or two. That way, you’ll feel more confident behind the wheel, and you’ll know you’re placing yours and your passenger’s safety at the forefront of your holiday – you might even get a discount on your insurance too!

What you learn

Towing courses are designed to teach you the reversing skills you need to safely and successfully hitch and park your van, in a stress-free environment. You should find a nationally recognised course that covers:

  • Hitching and unhitching
  • Safety Checks
  • Emergency breaking
  • Towing forward
  • Reversing in a straight line
  • Adjusting the break controls
  • Parking your van on site
Towing Courses & Training

What to look for in a course

Just like everything else in life, not all towing courses are created equal. You should look for a course that has both a theory and a practical component, and both you and your partner should take part – regardless of who’s the dominant driver. You should be able to do the theory component in your own home and in your own time, and the practical component should take a full day.

Having a large, open and controlled space will give you to confidence you need to get out onto the road and enjoy your journey, and work as a team with your partner. It’s important to remember that you both need to know what you’re doing – if one of you has an accident while you’re on holidays, the other needs to feel comfortable getting behind the wheel in stressful situations. Book a course today to see what it can do for you.

Camec offers free introductory towing clinics in Western Australia and Queensland. Contact our stores to book in for your free towing clinic to upgrade your skills.