Watching TV today is not how it use to be with the benefits of streaming your favourite TV programs though apps like Netflix, Stan and Youtube. Well just because you are travelling doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite programs. (Wi-Fi connect is required for online services and data usage fees may apply)

Camec RV Media 32” full high delimitation Smart TV

With a Camec RV Media 32” full high delimitation Smart TV you will be able to stream all your favourite shows. The 32” TC also features Bluetooth wireless audio meaning you can easily connect anything from a set of Bluetooth headphones, portable bluetooth speaker or even your RV’s existing head unit (it if has Bluetooth) wirelessly for enhanced TV audio.

Design for the rugged road of Australia the 32” TV includes internal strengthening brackets to ensure the TV is tough enough to a varied mounting options provided in modern RV. While we always advise that your TV should be removed from it mounting bracket when in transit.

With a blacklit remote for easy operation without having to turn the RV van lights on and a direct quick turn button. You will have your favourite programs up and running at your new camp site in no time.

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