Caravan Microwave

In the modern day home, the microwave is often used more regularly than the stove or oven – especially when you’re on holidays and want to heat up your meal fast. These days, the same ability can be applied to your RV thanks to Camec’s range of caravan microwave ovens.

If you’ve spent the day on the road or sightseeing, the last thing you feel like doing is preparing a meal from scratch. This is why, when you embark on frequent road trips around Australia, you will appreciate the need for a good caravan or camping microwave. Reheat a meal you’ve cooked previously or throw in a microwave dinner – both options are better than fast food.

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Why should you buy Microwaves with us?

Prepare meals quickly and efficiently

Whether they’re used in your home or RV, one of the main benefits of a microwave is their ability to heat or even cook food quickly and efficiently. With a genuine Camec microwave, you’ll be able to enjoy a meal in what feels like no time at all – without leaving the comfort of your van.

Designed specifically for RV use

We stock small microwave ovens for caravans, which have been designed specifically for such an application. They are more compact in size, allowing them to more easily fit onto the bench or be mounted in the cavity offered by your RV, as well as capable of withstanding bumps and vibration.

Enjoy the comforts of home

If you want to enjoy popcorn whilst watching a movie or you have a toddler that eats different meals to the rest of the family, many of us take for granted the luxury of having small microwaves for caravans until they’re no longer available to us. Now, you will never have to go without your creature comforts.

Range of sizes available

Our 20 litre 700 watt microwave features an easy to read LCD display with 5 power levels and a preset mode to make cooking easy. Our 25 litre 900 watt microwave features an attractive mirror finish with 5 power levels and Auto Cook with 8 preset food settings.

FAQs about our Microwaves

I’ve broken my turntable tray – can I get a new one?

Yes, we can supply replacement turntables in the event of a breakage. Please contact us for more information and to ensure that you’ve specified the correct size and model of microwave.

Areas We Service

Camec is proud to offer Australia’s largest range of caravan microwave to all regions across the country, including: Melbourne. Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. If you’re looking for something particular and you’re not sure if we service your area, get in touch with our friendly team today.