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14-day money back guarantee

delivery australia wide

minimum 1 year store warranty


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  • Detects movement via a highly sensitive gyroscope
  • Brakes are applied as well as flashing lights and an alarm activated once movement is detected
  • Magnetic door switch & PIR sensor trigger alarm if the door is opened
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Power 12V-14.5V DC
The system immediately applies the brakes to prevent the caravan or trailer from being towed, as well as flash all the external lights and sound a 105db alarm.The siren will cease after 30 seconds and WiTi will re-enter monitoring, repeating the cycle if movement is detected again.

WiTi Anti-Theft now includes Intrusion Detection to detectan attempted break-in.

The PIR Motion Sensor is wireless and simply connects to the Anti-Theft System. If movement is detected inside the caravan the alarm will trigger.In this case the brakes do not apply as the van is not being towed. There is an on/off switch on the side of the PIR Sensor so that the alarm can still be activated but without detecting motion inside the caravan whichis ideal if customers wish to set the alarm at night whilst sleeping or if pets are kept inside the caravan.

The Magnetic Door Switch is also wireless and is simply stuck either side of the door and door frame. If the alarm is active and the door is opened, the alarm will trigger.Once again, the brakes will not apply. Multiple Door Switches can be added and programmed to WiTi Anti-Theft to offer additional protection for tunnel boots or toolboxes.

WiTi Anti-Theft now includes a panic button as well. If Button B is pressed on the Remote Control for a period of 3 seconds, then the alarm will be activated. A quick press of Button B will disable the panic alarm.

WiTi is more than a deterrent it is the only anti-theft system that totally immobilises a caravan or trailer.

- Nominal system voltage 12V
- Operating voltage 12V-14.5V D
- Standby current 0.07A
- Operating temperature -20C – 70C
- Max. trailer axles 3 Axles
- Braking circuit max draw 25A
- Maximum rated current 30A
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